I just want to thank you so much for coaching me on what the key points to my sons evaluations were, and what to make sure was included in his education plan. I went with the 504, because they gave me every accommodation I asked for, and even shortening my sons test. I learned more from you in 6 e-mails, than I have from reading every book out there…. You are amazing at what you do! I really appreciate you taking your time to educate me. – Jen Babe (Parent of a child)

For parents puzzled by the challenges of advocacy in the school system for children who suffer with ADHD, The Seventh Inning Sit, by Karen Lowry, is an easy, welcoming place to start. Written by a concerned mother with valuable skills as a pediatric nurse, Karen documents her personal struggle with a son suffering with ADHD from the perspective of a medical professional experienced with the tragedy of inadequate, misinformed care. Karen’s theme is clear and encouraging, stand by your child in the educational system even if you don’t have special education training.

From medication challenges, to school experiences and the real value of combined family, medical, and educational system teamwork Karen will help you understand the necessity taking the time to keep the team on the most effective track with your child. Too many, even in the educational system, don’t yet understand the complexity of developmental issues seen everyday with those who live with executive function challenges. – Dr. Charles Parker

I attended Karen’s parent2parent class. She is a wonderful teacher who generously shared her knowledge with other parents. Karen is truly an inspiration. – Michelle Hammel (In-house Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer at Delaware River)

I just want to make sure you know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done to help us down the road of obtaining an IEP for our son. I truly can’t thank you enough for helping me to understand that the 504 my son had in place was simply not enough.  You explained to me that since he was now struggling so badly in middle school he needed a full psycho-educational evaluation and development of an IEP for additional school support. It was not easy but thankfully you guided me every step of the way. And last week with your help, we were granted approval of the IEP.  Although we reside in different states, you were able to support us at the CSE meeting via conference call. You gave me the strength, the courage and the knowledge to fight for what was desperately needed. I truly don’t think I would have been successful without your help. Thank you for devoting your time over the past few months to helping people like me who want to do everything we can to help our child succeed in school, but simply don’t know how.  You Karen, are the real deal!!

I am so very grateful   – Joan (Parent of a child)

Actually, I want to say what a good job you did addressing some of the big issues with ADHD and IEPs. I’m a provider, I hadn’t realized when I signed up that this was for parents and was hoping for a better understanding of IEPs when going to meetings with the families that I work with in order to better help their needs get addressed, and from the professional level this was very well done. Thank you for such a well thought out and researched presentation! – Christina Cousins, B.A. (Mental Health Worker)


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