Do You Know the Civil Rights of Students with ADHD?
Download this free guide to learn the civil rights of a child with ADHD. As a parent, you want your child to succeed and maintain a healthy self-esteem. This guide will provide you with the facts that you need, to know the civil rights of students with ADHD.
  • Understand the components of an IEP.
  • Understand the steps to obtain an IEP.
  • Know three key areas of the IEP impacting success.
  • Be aware of the new “Dear Colleague” Letter regarding the 504.
  • Understand how this new document written on 7/26/16 by the Office of Civil Rights can impact the acquisition of the 504.
  • Be aware of the Resource Guide attached to the Colleague Letter.
  • Learn areas of misinformation regarding attaining school support.

What People are saying:

Parent of a Child

"I truly can’t thank you enough for helping me to understand that the 504 my son had in place was simply not enough. Thank you for devoting your time over the past few months to helping me to do what was needed to see my child succeed in school. I am so grateful!"

Dr. Charles Parker

"From medication challenges, to school experiences and the real value of combined family, medical, and educational system teamwork-- Karen will help you understand the necessity of taking the time to keep the team on the most effective track with your child. Too many in the educational system, don’t yet understand the complexity of developmental issues and challenges seen everyday.

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