Karen is a graduate of two coaching programs.  ADD Academy, is one that is focused on adult coaching.  JST Coaching teaches effective coaching for children, teens, and college students.  Karen is currently a Board Certified Coach, BCC.

Before getting married and having kids, Karen’s professional life consisted of being a pediatric R.N. She found that initially working on a medical-surgical floor was not fulfilling in that goals that she felt important to achieve were lost in chaos related to lack of staff. She ultimately worked in pediatric ICU’s in both Hahnemann Hospital and Children’s Hospital to focus on her desired population. In addition, in these settings, there were smaller patient:nurse ratio that allowed her to focus on quality care as well as family centered care. After all, this kind of patient comes with very worried caretakers that need nursing, too!

The therapeutic relationships developed with patients and families served her well as she later changed her focus and became a certified ADHD coach for children and teens.  The actual motivating factors involved her own personal journey with her youngest son with ADHD, anxiety, and dyslexia.  She saw how school was tough and not responsive to the needs of a child with ADHD.  And knew that there were so many of these kids following through cracks who needed support.

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About Karen
My coaching service is individual. No one person with ADHD is alike. Together, we will determine goals and develop strategies to succeed. Advocacy is also a part of this journey. I will advocate for you to insure school support.
Do you or your child have difficulty with:
  • Planning homework projects/ Time management
  • Getting homework done within district policy framework
  • Transitioning between classes, missing key information at the beginning/end of classes.
  • Missing Assignments
  • Inconsistent grades
  • Following directions
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Working memory
  • Initiating ANYTHING that has no interest
  • Focus, Distraction, Boredom
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