CUTV News Radio spotlights ADD Advocate Karen Lowry

On Monday, February 17, 2017 CUTV News Radio interviewed me about ADHD, coaching, and advocacy. During this 30 minute interview, so much great important material was covered that will help parents be better equipped to help their ADHD child.

The following talking points include what was covered during this 30-minute interview:

  • The importance of a correct diagnosis by an experienced clinician who uses the DSMV that delineates the criteria for ADHD.
  • The definition of coaching with the key components of goals, plans, and confidentiality.
  • Types of ADHD with co-existing conditions
  • ADHD as a neurobiological disorder.
  • Importance of school support and behavioral strategies.
  • My personal story: Why I became an ADHD Coach and why it’s my passion to coach and promote advocacy for the teen.


I hope you enjoy the interview and get value from it. I would hear from you, so be sure to join our private Facebook support group for parents with ADHD children:

A little about the author and founder of ADD Advocate, Karen Lowry: I am a certified ADHD Coach. ADHD advocacy is my passion. There are so many school support challenges facing our children, that knowing your rights as a parent have never been more crucial. Effective ADHD coaching depends on effective advocacy for our kids. Remember, if you should ever have any questions about anything regarding school support, or just understanding about ADHD, IEP programs, 504 plans, etc…. Please feel free to contact me directly for a free consultancy session. You can contact me directly by clicking here!

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