Do ADHD Struggles in the Classroom Still Create Havoc for Children?

ADHD Struggles in the ClassroomThe school year has now been alive for about a month and a half.  I would venture to guess that many parents are at their wits end.  Some of your kids may have supports in place like a 504 or an IEP, for ADHD struggles in the classroom.  Some may not have any support in place, depending completely on you parents to support, organize, badger, and tutor.

Parents struggle with many issues, regardless of the presence of school support.  Here are a few issues that often persist:

  • Homework is taking three hours a night.
  • My child is still not writing down assignments.
    • Still not turning in assignments.
    • Has been suspended several times.
  • The school is asking about medication for my child.
    • Is refusing to test because it is currently proceeding with RTI, Response to Intervention.
    • Is telling me that it is about time that my child become organized, and speak up when he/she does not understand material.


For those parents who do have support in place, it is crucial that you have a meeting with the child study team. Do this as soon as possible to discuss your concerns, before these ADHD struggles in the classroom worsen.


For those with a 504, make sure you seek out the person in charge.  In this case, they are not mandated to include the parent in the plan. However, I have found that parents are active in the accommodations that are decided upon.

Two words:  Communication and Documentation 

Anytime you set up a school support or have concerns about your child’s ADHD struggles in the classroom, be sure to set up consistent times during each month where there is communication with the school.  This is so important to determine necessity of testing, effects of accommodations, and need for tweaking any accommodations in place.  In addition, it becomes a forum for you to communicate what you see at home that is creating difficulties.

Documentation develops the paper trail so that you and the school have an understanding of what has been talked about, what is working and what is not, and possible needs in the future.

Remember that you know your child best and are part of this team to insure your child’s success!  As we approach the midway point of the semester, put the modes of communication and documentation in place in order to clearly understand what your child needs to achieve success.

A little about the author, Karen Lowry: I am a certified ADHD Coach. ADHD advocacy is my passion. There are so many school support challenges facing our children, that knowing your rights as a parent have never been more crucial. Effective ADHD coaching depends on effective advocacy for our kids. Remember, if you should ever have any questions about anything regarding school support, or just understanding about ADHD, IEP programs, 504 plans, etc…. Please feel free to contact me directly for a free consultancy session. You can contact me directly by clicking here!

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