An Effective IEP for ADHD in the Classroom

In webinars and in sessions with private clients, I have discussed important areas that require action plans in order to successfully achieve needed ADHD in the classroom support for their child.

IEP action plans to overcome ADHD in the classroom include:

An Effective IEP for ADHD in the Classroom

  • Gathering information that indicates struggles with academics, pointing to ADHD in the classroom.
  • Writing a letter to the child study team requesting a psychoeducational evaluation.
  • Meeting with the team to discuss IEP Eligibility
  • Reviewing and tweaking the IEP: Insuring that goals reflect present levels of academic and functional performance.
  • Insuring that the goals are specific, measurable, and time limited.
  • Understanding how goals will by measured.
  • Understanding who will be providing services to achieve these goals.
  • Knowing how you will be notified quarterly of how goal attainment is going and if there are any needed changes.
  • Modifications and Accommodations specific to your child’s needs.


So once in place, your journey is only half done.  Now, it is the importance of following what is in the IEP.  The following are areas of concern that I have seen in questions from both those who are a part of the ADD Advocate Facebook support group and those who have attended my webinars.

  • The staff really many times do not follow the IEP. What can I do?
  • One of my teachers only follows what is in the 504/IEP when it is believed that is needed for ADHD in the classroom.
  • The gym and music teachers have no idea that my child has an IEP.
  • There has been little improvement in my child’s progress and I am concerned about next year.


So the continuing thread contains beliefs that support in these legal documents are optional.  This of course is not true.  Teachers are bound by law to follow the support specified in these documents.  In addition, it is critical that all teachers including those who teach specials like music, art, and gym know that your child has an IEP or a 504.

The final part of this thread deals with that helpless feeling that we as parents many times feel when a document like an IEP that has been fought for and crafted is not working for your child.  But you the parent is a part of this child study team and has the right and responsibility to make changes and suggestions to insure a successful IEP.  It is the end of the school year.  But it is not too early to insure that the IEP in place will support your child during the next school year.  You should have most likely by now have had an annual IEP review if your child has an IEP.  But if you are still feeling unsettled about how successful your child has been and feel that some changes could make a difference, it is not too late.  School personnel are still available during the summer months.  Making those necessary changes now makes it so much easier once school starts again to continue to evaluate success and needed changes throughout the year, to help your child combat ADHD in the Classroom.

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