The Challenge of ADHD Management

The Challenge of ADHD ManagementMany times it is necessary prior to ADHD coaching, to insure school support.  Unfortunately, more often than not, that effective school support is not in place.  It is important to know that just because you as a parent are dealing with the professionals in education, you can’t assume that they know the importance of school support, symptoms of ADHD, why it is a medical diagnosis, and the impact of executive functioning deficits.  It is a journey to understand the importance of requesting psychoeducational evaluations, advocating for an IEP in an eligibility meeting, and then following the IEP to insure that it is followed.  All of this is not without stumbling blocks.  Sometimes it is related to ignorance and others, just plain financial.  In the end, it demands that the parent become a fierce advocate for that child!  Quick bullet points:

  1. Request evaluations in writing with objective data that shows the need
  2. The school needs to respond within a reasonable time, generally ten days.
  3. States vary, but generally it is 60 days from time of signed agreement to evaluate to the date of the IEP eligibility meeting, with completed evaluation.
  4. IEP needs to be individualized for each child and needs to be followed as per special ed law. No one can choose not to follow it.
  5. IEP’s can be changed at any time.

Then there is the medical side of the ADHD management.  It is a personal decision of the family to decide the path of medication.  But again, we parents respect the professionalism of the medical field and believe that they will do the right thing.  But once again, it is important to monitor and to be able to ask pertinent questions regarding safety and effectiveness of the medication.  Quick bullet points:

  1. Keep a log of type of med, when started, and areas of effectiveness
  2. Side effects
  3. How physician will tweak the meds
  4. How often will the physician want to see school data via Connor or Vanderbilt scales
  5. Average doses of med being used
  6. When appropriate to change the medication

As parents follow this long, rocky road of advocacy, they find themselves sandwiched between the educational and medical professionals, both of whom they want to trust and follow.  Just as important is the parent being prepared to ask the questions and do the follow through to insure that the child is educationally and medically sound and managed.  Once again, the parent is in the pivotal role of advocate for their child with ADHD.

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