What is Success in the IEP Eligibility Process?

What is Success in the IEP Eligibility Process?I hear so many parents of kids with ADHD ask questions pertaining to what they believe is being told to them by their school districts about IEP Eligibility:

  • Passing grades = IEP INELIGIBILITY
  • Testing does not show the necessary discrepancy between achievement and intelligence.
  • The diagnosis of ADHD alone without a specific learning disability=IEP INELIGIBILITY

Sadly, all of the above bullet points are incorrect!  Unfortunately, we as parents want to believe that school administrators are professionals and represent both the truth and what will be best for our children.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case, making it necessary for us parents to be armed with information to refute!

The following are four areas that reflect the current IDEA 2004 standards.  That is, IDEA 2004 is special education and represents key areas of necessary evaluations and services for those who are disabled.

  • If a disability adversely affects the access of education and educational performance, then a child is eligible for special ed services.
  • A child can be eligible for special ed services despite passing grades and advancement from grade to grade. The discrepancy rule between IQ and achievement does not apply to eligibility.
  • Eligibility can also be based on behavioral and social skill needs, not just academic needs.
  • ADHD alone does not grant an IEP. But the lack of a specific learning disability co-existing with ADHD does not rule out IEP eligibility.

The success that I refer to comes from the subjective statements from many districts who represent ability to succeed by showing those false bullet points.  Unfortunately, the parents have become the CEO of their children’s’ academic lives.  Some of this for a while will prevent their failure.  But the questions remain?  Once they begin to fail, will remediation be successful at a later age?  What other affects will occur as a result of this ongoing parental support that will affect the child’s self-esteem and the parental relationships?

It is imperative that we as parents and advocates insure that our children with disabilities, ADHD, and specific learning disabilities have adequate school support as early as possible.  In so many cases, the school environment is not friendly to either their success or self-esteem.

FAPE is available to all children including those with disabilities!

Does your child have ADD/ADHD? Are you seeking IEP eligibility? Click Here to get a FREE coaching session with me. I am here for you, and can carefully walk you through the process.

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