10 Study Strategies That Overcome the Executive Functioning Deficits of ADHD

10 Study Strategies That Overcome the Executive Functioning Deficits of ADHDI recently saw an amusing post on face book, depicting how difficult it is to read when one has ADHD.  People I know with ADHD did find it funny because it was so true:  reading a few words, scanning the end, thinking about a plot in a play that was similar, rereading those previous few words, losing the book, finding the book, and starting the process over once again.  Although it was funny because at times we all like to poke fun at ourselves, the truth is that all of the above does not promote self-esteem or success.  So let’s talk about what strategies that could be put in place to battle the impairments that affect study skills and allow the brilliance to shine through in our students with ADHD.

Here are 10 Study Strategies:

  1. Know your productive time frame: Be more aware of when focus wanes and take a break.  Break can be anything that works: movement, change of venue, snack, topic of high interest to read.
  2. Set a timer: sometimes that does not work.  You may be able to better manage once you become more aware of the signals of no focus!
  3. Determine the “easy” subject: To ease the executive function of initiation, a subject that is not as academically taxing or that has some interest to you may allow you to move forward.
  4. Determine if it works for you to vary subject matter: Can you feel accomplished if you work on a subject and without completion, move to another and later come back to that?
  5. Changing environments: This may allow for less boredom.
  6. White noise: Do you do better in complete quiet or does music in the background allow better focus?
  7. Awareness of when productivity is the highest: Are you better at tackling challenging subjects early in the day?
  8. Reward promises: There is everything right about the promise to reward yourself when you are successful in your daily objectives as well as weekly!  They have to be real rewards of high interest!
  9. Multisensory: Going back to the issue of reading, sometimes adding an audio portion to the visual reading can help with decoding and comprehension.  Learning Ally can be a great resource.  Once approved, you can add books to your virtual bookshelf.
  10. Teaching new knowledge to peers: Verbalizing your understanding of material can help to reinforce it.

Every person with ADHD is different and is affected with different struggles.  Therefore, it is important to try different strategies as you go down the path of understanding yourself and what works!  It is clear that many with ADHD will never find school easy.  But outside of that box, they can be so successful.  It is just necessary to find ways to achieve the goals necessary in order to get to the point of that ultimate life goal!

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