Effects of ADHD and Classroom Correlation

Effects of ADHD and Classroom CorrelationLet’s jump right in and pursue the effects of adhd and classroom correlation. Ask yourself this: has your child ever talked about being bored? Again, if that it is heard, many will feel that this is attached to behavior that can be controlled. If you are bored, then go do something and get out of that boredom!

This is just another myth associated with this medical diagnosis of ADHD. I have had so many of my clients talk about boredom in school. Boredom certainly does affect attention and learning in the classroom. It is a function of a low stimulation of the frontal cortex, the lack of those neurotransmitters that carry messages from one neuron to the next. If boredom ensues, the child with ADHD seeks many times to correct this by seeking external stimulation. That stimulation will produce more neurotransmitters like dopamine and alleviate the boredom. That doesn’t matter if it is a negative or positive experience, both will work!

So how does that translate in the classroom? Physiological boredom results from dislike of subject matter being presented. Interest is not there so impulsivity takes over. What does that look like? Talking while the teacher is talking, looking up a favorite subject on his computer, standing up and walking around, throwing an object across the room, drawing, writing, and leaving the classroom all would alter the boredom.

At home, have you seen your child become adversarial and oppositional when he is asked to start homework or do a job or an errand? Or maybe the child disagrees with a point of view and continues to carry this negative point of view throughout dinner. All activities attempting to escape boredom result in a negative or positive response from a teacher or parent.

In developing the IEP for school, it would be important to engage the child with ideas that could be used to be proactive in dealing with feelings of this physiological boredom. This is a positive example of coping with ADHD. Management in the classroom could be movement like going for a walk or more subtle changes like viewing something of interest on a lap top as a break and a period of refuel. The child should definitely be involved in these strategies that alleviate boredom.

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