Information Promotes Advocacy: IEP vs. 504 – Part 1

So maybe the school year did not really go as planned.  There were intermittent missed assignments, emails from teachers stating behaviors that reflect disinterest, boredom, slow processing, disorganization, and a faulty working memory.  All of those symptoms are a result of the ADHD diagnosis.  You think maybe your child with ADHD

Special education ball

Information is key to effective advocacy

needs time to adjust to school and so you are happy to give that to him.  Before you know it, winter break is upon is and there is a well deserved break from all of the stress and indecision.

Well, the structure and demands of school have returned.  And you, the parent, see the same red flags that persist.  It has become apparent now that despite the fact that no one really in the school is offering extra support for your child, you know in your heart that it is needed.  But the question looms large:  What kind of support is available?  What kind of support does my child need?  How will I advocate for him effectively in order to allow him to be successful and to have a healthy self-esteem?

Information is the key and does promote advocacy.  Please register for my free webinar on School Support:  IEP vs. 504Click Here to Register! Begin your journey of importance by learning needed information to support your child.

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