Information Promotes Advocacy: IEP vs. 504 – Part 2

So when school started, you as a parent noted some struggles way back in September.  But you chose to give the gift of time and allow this child to adjust to school.  After all, no one was complaining about your child.  No one was stepping up, noting any problems.  Yet your child diagnosed with ADHD was missing assignments, failing quizzes and tests, forgetting to write down assignments, and was showing signs of a low self-esteem.  Before you knew it, it was winter break and school had ended for now.

Perhaps once he has a break, he will do better, you thought.  School has begun and the red flags of ADHD are rippling, each day more aggressively than the next.  You know that advocacy on your child’s behalf may be necessary.  But where do you start?  What kind of support is available in the school?  No one has offered any to this point.

Information does support advocacy and will allow you, the parent to be effective in this very difficult journey.  Supports such as 504’s and IEP’s can make a huge difference in a child’s success when ADHD creates impairments that create struggle.

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You know your child the best.  Despite the fact that school personnel are educated in the area of teaching, you the parent are still a part of the team responsible for the education of your child.  To begin the journey, gather information to be the best advocate possible.  Your child deserves it and is depending on you!

child feeling sad

Self-esteem Can suffer When a child is struggling.

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